Holiday indulgences aren’t always autoimmune friendly. A healthy diet, adequate amount of rest and an overall balanced lifestyle are recommended for all of us. But for those living with autoimmune disease, a season marked by decadent meals and running around visiting family and friends can make getting through each day a physical and mental challenge far superior to that of an average healthy person. The most common holiday rituals can be the crux of falling victim to this.

The U.S. National Library of Medicine points out that there are over 80 different autoimmune diseases and the American Autoimmune Diseases Association…

Try these easy, keto-friendly low FODMAP snacks and appetizer-just add turkey for a full Thanksgiving feast.

Thanksgiving’s tough on a low FODMAP keto diet: dinner rolls, dessert, and flour-thickened gravies are out of the question, and even some sides that rely on breadcrumb toppings or starchy vegetables are off limits. But with a few crafty swaps, you can make a low-carb meal that satisfies even the most restrictive diet.

Short for “ketogenic,” the keto diet is a low-carb, moderate-protein, high-fat diet designed to put the body into ketosis-a metabolic state in which the liver produces compounds called ketones, which the body uses instead of sugar for energy. …

Q: Just a few months ago, I learned that avoiding gluten dramatically improves my depression and achy joints. I know the basics of staying away from obvious sources, such as croutons, bread, stuffing, and regular baked goods. However, this will be my first holiday season avoiding gluten, and I’m wondering if you could clue me in on hidden or not-so-obvious gluten sources to watch out for during the holidays. -Vicky M., Pittsburgh

A: You’d be surprised: Gluten, a protein found in many grains such as wheat, spelt, kamut, rye, barley, and most commercial oat products, lurks in all kinds of unsuspected places. Get flavor in your meals without gluten or FODMAPs this holiday season using Casa de Sante low FODMAP certified seasonings.

How to have a gluten-free holiday

The following is a list of the top gluten-sneaky foods and products to watch out for during this festive time of year:

1. Soup

Gluten is found in a variety of ingredients in many commercial soups, from thick “cream ofs” to clear broths and bouillon cubes, so it’s safest to avoid soup…

While wheat bread is high FODMAP, two slices of traditional sourdough wheat bread is low FODMAP. This is because traditional sourdough bread reduces FODMAP content through fermentation. This starter is added to the bread dough for a long period of time (>12 hours). The yeast and bacteria in the starter break down the carbohydrates in the bread resulting in a reduction in the FODMAP content. Check the Monash app for safe serving sizes. Sourdough bread not made the traditional way is high FODMAP.

There are as many methods for making sourdough starter as there are bakers. Classicists say flour and…

Metamucil side-effects

  • Metamucil is a “fiber laxativethat is used to treat occasional constipation or bowel irregularity.” It mainly uses psyllium fiber as its core ingredient.
  • Metamucil takes about12 to 72 hours to work.
  • Unfortunately,bloating is one of metamucil’s biggest side effects.
  • This is not surprising considering that metamucil forms apsyllium gelthat moves through the digestive system, trapping the waste as it moves down.
  • As the laxativedoes not work immediately, the substances that are trapped can release gases and cause bloating.
  • Usually ittakes several daysfor the stomach to adjust to the drug and to stop the bloating.

Patient Reviews

Are you…

When you hear the word histamine, you may think of allergies. During allergy season, its not uncommon to take an antihistamine medicine to help reduce your sneezing, itching, and runny nose. So, what is histamine and what does it mean to eat a low histamine diet? Histamine is made naturally in the body and is involved in many functions like immune function and carrying messages between nerve cells. It’s just when there is an imbalance between the histamine produced and histamine broken down that health issues can ensue. …

Low FODMAP snacks are essential to have on hand so that hunger doesn’t spiral out of control.

When it comes to meal planning healthy low FODMAP snack choices when on the low FODMAP diet, we are firm believers in keeping it simple! So today we are rounding up 20 super easy and healthy snacks that you can add to your low FODMAP meal plans. They all take less than five minutes to make, and will nourish your body from the inside out!

So let’s get our low FODMAP snack planning on, shall we?

1. Yogurt with Kiwi

This five-minute, gluten-free yogurt bowl requires just…

Protein shakes can be a nutritious and convenient meal option if you are on the the go. However, if you have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), picking a protein powder can be a difficult process. This is because milk ingredients high in lactose, certain thickeners that contain gluten, as well as certain sweeteners and flavors can be high in FODMAPs that can cause digestive discomfort. Therefore, use the tips below to help you find a protein powder that will help you eat healthy on the go without causing your gut any harm.

Common protein powder ingredients to avoid

There are so…

Protein is an important nutrient needed for so many functions in the body like making up the hemoglobin that carries oxygen in the blood and providing structure to muscles, to name a few. And according to the National Academy of Medicine, the average adult needs a minimum of about 7 grams of protein per twenty pounds. Therefore, when you’re following the low FODMAP diet, it’s important not to forget to add protein to meals. Let’s take a look at some ways you can add protein to your low FODMAP diet breakfast meals.

Low FODMAP protein foods

The low FODMAP diet…

Casa de Sante

Gluten free low #FODMAP certified foods for digestive sensitivities. Delicious functional foods developed by a physician scientist, full of flavor and function.

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